Thursday, 23 July 2020

Pannal and development

I went up to have a look at Pannal House Farm and met Iain McGregor on his digger in the front garden. He was telling me that he wanted to keep the Farm buildings and restore them but HBC Planning said no. Then he put plans in to demolish and rebuild using the same stone they said no again.The buildings which were lovely and could have been restored have now been left so long that might not be possible as they are very damp. So he is in between a rock and a hard place but having lived here so long I know a lot of people so I asked one of them if he could help Ian and he said yes. They have spoken so hopefully there might be a better outcome. 
Then someone informed me that there has been a change of builder at the old Pannal Ash College/Police Training College and they were demolishing buildings. A few years ago a friend Margaret was Secretary there and she and her boss Terry were wondering what to do with all the memorabilia there was from when it was a school. Light bulb moment "have a word with Anne Smith." so they did and Bas and I went up to meet them. Were shown round the buildings which were lovely all fully furnished. I had been in the Memorial Library years before that when I wrote its history and took an invoice of what it contained. I asked what is happening to it. Answer probably demolished and everything thrown in a skip. Upshot was I came home and applied to have the building listed as a War Memorial as that is what it was built for and dedicated as a Library to the boys from the school who had fallen in the First World War and opened by the Earl of Harewood. I have written the full story in my latest book. Not out yet but I am seeing my publisher next week. The Memorial Library was listed by me in 2014. The builders have been informed so it will not be demolished together with the Headmaster's House. In its hey day what a wonderful spot. It had everything.
Oh I nearly forgot I have everything silver cups presented to the boys, photos, their magazine.I was their skip and my husband said as husband's do "where are you going to put it all?" and I said as all wives do "I'll find a place" and I did.  
I had a walk yesterday up to Whinney Lane and sadly all those houses 240 odd and a school. Whinney Lane will be closed to traffic if they get their way and I bet they will widen the road by removing the verges changing from a Lane to a highway. Some of the houses at Castle Hill will have homes right at the bottom of their gardens with windows facing them. I am not chuffed with HBC as I think they are the worse Council we have ever had but they might be only be  partly to blame as they did ask farmers in the district to approach them with land for building. Castle Hill Farm is also a lovely house and it will remain. 
I am not golfing as yet another accident that I will not bore you with so at home a bit more. Now if I had a dog it would be saying "how lovely to see you, I like having you around and I love you" but I have cats. who say " what are you doing here all the time". 

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Pannal surrounded

I do not want to add to the woes of the world. Pannal has been lucky with this virus but Pannal will not be so lucky to be surrounded by all the housing nor will Beckwithshaw, There are plans, having built houses all down the left hand side of the Otley Road from Harrogate,. plans are afoot to build 8OO or more houses on the right hand side just below Harlow Carr Gardens. We are loosing our green fields. I have just been up to the old Police Training Ground to have a look at the Memorial Library which I had listed on 14th October 2014. I am writing in my book about this area, I am quite an authority on Southern College and Pannal Ash College who were there before the Police Training College took over as I have all the memorabilia from both those Colleges. The Memorial Library is still there and it is a beautiful building which at one time was in danger of being demolished but not now as I have it listed. I have informed the Harlow Residents Assoc of this fact. There are now new builders on the site and the house numbers have gone significantly up as they want to build smaller houses .For the locals a sad fact.
 Ever wondered why we have so many police cars through the village. We are a short cut to their new Headquarters.
 Have heard that horrible pile of rubbish at the rear of St Roberts Church will be moved and notices put up warning against fly tipping. Not before time as there are rats around and I am sure Pannal Green residents do not want those invaders. 
Older residents will remember Pat Lamb. Well she is still going strong having celebrated another birthday. Only sad thing is her family cannot get in to see her and most of all we are missing hugs. I have seen two of my children which was so lovely but my other two live too far away so I have not seen them and this is the first time in our lives we have not seen each other for so long.
Yesterday a council lorry stopped outside our houses in Main Street. We looked on in horror what now?. One man took out traffic signs go and stop put them on the pavement. What were they going to dig up. Then another man got off the lorry threw the signs in the back and off they went. Hugh sigh of relief but what was all that about. perhaps just to scare us!
I had to wander round to the school at the weekend as Tigs had not come home. Then she appeared so I emailed Jane to say if I was caught on the CCTV I was looking for Tigs. Marble always around when I come in if I am using the car she always appears to greet me. I am pleased I have them and I am also pleased we have the Crimple Valley as I do so enjoy walking it up to the Viaduct. 


Saturday, 20 June 2020

Quiet Pannal

Oh I hate when there is change. My Blogger post has changed so I am trying this new version in the hope that it might appear. Might not but you will never know.
Certainly been very quiet in the village these past few weeks but think traffic is starting to be a bit more now and still at the same fast speed. When we used to do our clapping on Thursdays everyone used to come out but since we have stopped don't see many people now. I went into town today, first time, I needed to go to Bass and Bligh to have same slides printed for the book on Pannal and Burn Bridge. I never take the car into the centre of town a. Can never find a space and b. I refuse to pay for parking (Miser). Always have parked outside or walked in from here. I walk across The Stray and I have never seen it so busy. Lots of people in groups, some had brought chairs, most had picnics. I did not stay long as I did not want to see, perhaps, litter being left. I have remarked on it before and either just get a stare or told to get a life or the two fingered salute. Now these people are not from Harrogate are they surely not. I have been just walking the Crimple Valley up towards Follifoot but I had a walk along Abbey Road last week. Parked at St James got some things from Boots then my walk. Walked all the way to Conningham Hall round there and the field then thought Ah I have to walk back and it does seem a long way now as no tea rooms no toilet think perhaps this was a mistake to go so far. Anyway I made it and enjoyed it. Crimple Hall open has been for awhile apparently so purchased some compost. I have seen Susan and Michael. It was so lovely seeing them as I had not seen anyone since beginning of March. We sat in the garden. James and Richard live to far  away to visit so do not know when I shall see them but we Skype and Zoom so that helps.Has been a great help to all of us being able to do this. Also met a friend in the Valley Gardens. Had an ice cream and sat on a bench suitable distance apart. One thing I miss is not being able to give and receive hugs.
I don't get hugs from the cats but I do get lots of licks. They obviously think that I like that but I am not so sure.  
I was sent this which I think it good
Strange things that start in later life
Feet are further down the legs
Doctors start practicing at the age of twelve
Sofas are deeper
Names are less memorable
Keys, glasses and books disappear
Shoe soles are more slippery
Jar lids are tighter
Shopping is heavier
Noses drip
Being called dear isn't as complimentary as it once was.

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Pannal and the Rocket

Last night I went out twice to see the two man Rocket launched from America. First time nothing second time at 10.17pm I saw the rocket. It was going from west to east and was clearly visible although far away. It was darkish on the ground but light clear sky and I was able to see its lights. That is trying not to fall over the cat as she kept trying to go under my feet. Do not want another fall. I am on the mend with my ribs. still cannot take deep breaths or carry weights on my right side but getting there. Try not to break ribs because next to toothache and earache this is very painful. Spent the first night in the chair but have now made it to the bed. Being careful not to turn to quickly.
Well I think we have had our last Thursday of clapping the NHS but also us for being so good. Self isolating and obeying instructions.My neighbours are suggesting that until we are fully out of lockdown we should carry on meeting at 8pm on a Thursday as long as we have nice nights. Good idea.  The weather has indeed helped it has been wonderful. Hopefully I might be able to see some of my family at a safe distance. I said for them to pretend they were Estate Agents and come into the house but I do not think they will wear that suggestion.
I have been doing my shopping with Steve at the Post Office as his fruit and veg is lovely and I very often meet villagers doing the same. Also Coop very handy. Thank goodness we have both these shops and thank goodness we have the Crimple Valley it has been a life saver for me. Although now getting difficult to cross the Leeds Road to carry on the walk as traffic back and why they have to speed along that part of the road I cannot think.They race to get in front of one another then have to slow down as it is a 30 zone.
Must admit people are a lot nicer now everyone speaks or waves. Do hope that continues as I always have spoken when I am passing people in the village even when I do not know them. Probably because I have lived here for fifty five years and everyone spoke. Especially on a Saturday morning when we all went up to the butchers. Ken Walker was 90 last week. We keep in touch. Who remembers the lovely surprise party Shirley Wilson and I and all the village gave Ken when he retired?
I have hardly been in the house these past months. Been in the garden with the cats. Last night came in to the house, cats followed me and jumped on top of the dresser. Where have their manners gone?  We are all turning feral. All still stay safe.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Pannal me and isolation

Like everyone I have been so good. Having my walk and gardening. Last week I went to post a letter and it was a nice evening so I thought I shall have a walk in the Crimple Valley. Shall I. No I shall go home. No I shall go a walk. Went over the Leeds Road onwards and thought I shall go up through the woods and down the Follifoot Road to the Public Footpath and home. Going through the woods something caught round my ankle and as I was in mid  step I came crashing down. Honestly just like a felled tree.  Oh it was sore and I winded myself. Lay there for a minute. Got up thought I am ok so walked back home. Came in made a cup of tea sat down . My legs started shaking I went to get up found I could not move for the pain. I eventually did manage to get off the chair. Had a dreadful night so painful.All down my right side and back.See I was in two minds about walking and this is what happened. Need not have done as I was very half hearted about going. Made the wrong decision. Hey ho.   My children said for God sake Mum call the Doctor. I eventually did and he said I am not going to send you to the hospital or the surgery I will ask you some questions and ask you to move. Conclusion I have broken some ribs. Strong pain killers prescribed. Dr said  I have done them now and they are at the chemist ring them. I rang Day Lewis, told them what had happened and that I could not get out. They were so good and said we shall deliver them to you straight away. Bit longer in isolation for me. The Golf Course is open I cannot play, I cannot do much gardening. My neighbours are brilliant helping me. I want to try and do some walking. Only thing I cannot do is carrying anything on my right side. So remembering when we all had children to carry I am using my left side. I will get there but it is a nuisance.
When we had our VE Day Celebrations I sent some photographs that were taken to the Harrogate Advertiser as they had asked me to send them. Did they print them no they did not. They printed 3 photos of the same street and another 3 photos of another street in Harrogate. Well it is called the Harrogate Advertiser they have probably never heard of Pannal.
 SCD Nynet have gone from Main |Street laying cables. If this was for quicker connections it is not working. We have noticed no difference, slow as ever. I thought all firms had to abide by Health and Safety Rules but the workmen were using drills creating a lot of dust and they had no protection no goggles or face masks.Also I had over my wall a jumper. a shirt and what looked like a pair of trousers.They were there all night. Question what did he wear to go home? Sorry can't answer that one. Also Pannal Green they dug a trench right across where the daffodils are. Such a shame if they do not come up next year.
Wonder if we are still clapping on a Thursday at 8pm I clap for NHS but I also clap for us as we are all being brilliant.
Poor Tigs and Marble cannot sit on my knee at the moment too painful and when they try to I say no and they just look at me and say WHAT.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Pannal and VE Day

Having lived in the same house in Pannal nearly all my life 55 years - where has the time gone? I know nearly everyone but not everyone knows everyone but going out to clap on a Thursday at 8pm has brought people together. I thought ok I shall put notes through all my neighbours letter boxes asking them to come out on Friday 8th May VE Day with a drink - beer, spirits, wine soft drinks tea if you fancy and we would all meet up Main Street and this end of Rosedale and if they agreed to give me the thumbs up when we met on the Thursday 7th. Overwhelming thumbs up. So I put out the flags I had including my Yorkshire and Scotland ones wandered down the drive with my glass of beer and everyone came out. It was really lovely. I introduced people who did not know each other. The evening was a brilliant success and I had so many messages from neighbours saying thank you we really enjoyed it. Thursdays now we will all gather and we will all know each other. Friendships will have been made and hopefully kept after lock down ends. Whenever that will be. A thought I had no matter what one thinks of Margaret Thatcher she was a scientist same as Angels Merkle and I think we would have fared better. Boris was too complacent to start with.With hindsight the virus and isolation will be looked back on and oh yes it will be decided UK could have done better.This is not like the Second World War. This is unheard of and the virus is world wide and very very scary. At least in the war there was entertainment and pubs and restaurants were open and we had Winston Churchill saying we will win and the moral was high. I do not remember the War but my Dad who was a War hero having many medals and being decorated - DSM (Distinguished Service Medal) -by King George VI started as a boy seaman and was in the Royal Navy for 22 years being in many battles and very nearly loosing his life on many an occasion. He Passed over the Bar ( Naval parlance for died) in Harrogate and had a Military Funeral with the sailors of HMS Forest Moor in attendance. Mum meanwhile like many Mums at home looking after children and dreading THE telegram coming.We survived and we will survive again against this unseen enemy. Obey the rules and stay safe. When I clap on a Thursday I clap not only for the NHS but more so for us, our children and grandchildren. We are all being brilliant.So give yourselves a clap.
We are all loving the lack of traffic in the village. We can all hear bird song. Everyone speaks to everyone else and smiles. This has come out of lock down and it is wonderful. Long may that continue. Lack of traffic won't and everyone is dreading that.
Howard West who is Chairman of Pannal and Burn Bridge Parish Council has finished writing his bit in the Harrogate Advertiser about Pannal but I have heard that a lady in Burn Bridge has taken the column over.
Tigs and Marble love me being at home and when we go out to clap they come too. They wander down the drive to see everyone. They are turning more like dogs every day. They even follow me down the village when I go to post a letter.
WE shall have big celebrations when this is over. Watch this space.....

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Pannal still here but are we?

Not only Pannal but the world has never seen anything like this. I do not remember the Second World War but I remember my parents talking about it. My Dad joined the Royal Navy as a boy seaman and so had years of experience when he was sent to defend Britain.He won the Distinguished Service Medal for an act of extreme bravery and my Mum like thousands of other mums was on the Homefront hoping that they never received the dreaded telegram. Uk was fighting a common enemy there was the awful Blitz but there was companionship, there was entertainment, there were restaurants and pubs open. The morale was high. There was a marvellous community spirit both at home and with the Forces and they had the brilliant Winston Churchill who told everyone We were going to Win. We would beat Germany. Coming up to VE Day in May. That spirit of euphoria not with us now as we battle this dreadful, dreadful virus. We do not know the answers. We are in lockdown. We cannot meet up with our families, we cannot meet friends. We are told to protect the NHS by staying in. We are clapping on a Thursday at 8pm to thank the NHS but I think we should not only clap them for keeping us safe but applaud ourselves for staying safe for our own sake and for the sake of others. Now that is my stirring bit over. Applaud yourselves.
Pannal not as quiet as it was. In Main Street the traffic lights are back. Are they looking for the elusive gas leak or is it something else? Probably find out soon. I have been going on lovely walks through the Crimple Valley across Leeds Road and up to the Viaduct or through the woods but one is taking their life in their hands now as more traffic on Leeds Road and the cars that are there are going so fast. Where are they all going? I always tread carefully crossing  that road as my friends parents-in-law were killed doing just that. So that is always on my mind. One day last week gave up as it was deadly so many fast cars.
Interesting on social media people are putting photographs of paths on and saying do you know where this is I have just walked it. Answer yes we have always known where that is so pleased you are out walking and you have found this well trodden path. least they are out walking. Only good thing about this virus people are discovering where they live.
Steve at the Post Office is always so smiley and I am pleased he is doing well. Lovely fruit and veg. Also pleased we now have the co-op. When I think of all the shops Pannal had and then there were none when Ken Walker the butcher left only the Post Office which is now better than it was. My children have fond memories of the VG and of past winters taking a sledge down to the shop and collecting the bread order. There were so many children in Pannal. They played together and made dens it was wonderful. Now all the children gone but we the parents are still here. I was married here and have lived here ever since and I love Pannal. Wonder if i will be able to get my book out by Christmas I do not know. There is a lot to do that I need to be able to meet people etc so I do not know but I will plough on.
After the lovely sunny weather that we have had and which I hope returns soon Tigs and Marble have reverted to their winter habits and come in to find their comfy spots usually on top of me. Sometimes wet as well.
I am thinking of us all. Keep safe and we shall get through this.