Saturday 23 March 2024

Pannal having gas pipes for Easter

New we hope gas  pipes being laid Main Street Rosedale and beyond. Having had Main Street and Woodcock Hill dug up on numerous occasions when there have been gas leaks and "patches" were put on at last it has been realized that patching will not do and gas will always find a way out. So we all hope this will be the end of the smell and leaks of gas. Yesterday I weas picking my friend up in Westminster Drive and sort of slaloming my way on Rosedale when a big black 4x4 came up behind me blaring his/her horn and trying to overtake me . I turned onto Westminster Drive and they were so close I just pulled in when I could and let them pass. What is the matter with people. There are so many angry stupid people around. 

Read a write up of the best places to live in and around Harrogate and Pannal and Burn Bridge were not mentioned!! When I have said to people 4000 houses are going to be built from the Squinting Cat towards the Otley Road they have said do you mean 400. No I don't I mean 4000. It is going to be awful 4000 houses together with the ones already build will be over 9000 people if we are only saying two people per house and it will be more than that and I will not even mention the cars. No North Yorkshire Council they will not be on bikes. It is appalling what is being allowed. Why do we have Councils why not let the Developers carry on running the country. 

I organised the second Memorial Lunch for Malcolm Neesam at The Club on Victoria Avenue and it was once again a success and is now going to be repeated ever year with the help of Fiona Movley the soon to be President of The Club and I believe the first Lady President. So congratulations Fiona. Malcolm was Harrogate's Historian and a very dear friend of over fifty two years. 

Like us all Tigs is fed up with the weather if it is not raining it is cold and windy. Is there any chance of the Easter Holiday being better I hope so. I wish you all a Happy Easter whatever the weather. OH for some warmth and being able to get out in our gardens.

ps It did upset me re the news about the Princess of Wales. I do pray all will be well as she is a very lovely person and she and William deserve a long and happy life with their children. 

Saturday 2 March 2024

A Sodden Pannal

 I have never known weather like this. Have lived in Pannal sixty years next year and never ever had this amount of rain. Also crocus were always out in my garden and on the Stray usually 9th March. Would they be out on Mother's Day that was always the thought. No they won't this year as in my garden they have been beautiful but it was the 9th February. Everyone I speak to is fed up. Golf Course more closed than open. Having to keep to tarmac/gritted paths as can't walk on the grass and other ways muddy. Tigs is even fed up. She comes in very wet as she is a long haired cat and just looks at me as if to say "what is this, look at the state I am in"

Then there is the very sad thought that Pannal will be overwhelmed by cars using the village as a short cut when those 4000 houses are built. Make no mistake about it they will come through Pannal to get to the A61 and beyond. The LANE it is named Whinney LANE not Road and not fit for the amount of traffic it will be taking nor are the surrounding roads.   I do not think North Yorkshire Council care about all of Harrogate.. At least from the dealings I have had with them they don't. I have never ever had a Tree Preservation Order refused. I put on the very first TPO Pannal No 1 1969 and then others in Harrogate but I have had a TPO requested for Pannal  refused by NYC. So lets just hope nothing happens to the two trees I have ASKED TO BE PROTECTED. Villagers are keeping an eye on them for me. I remember many years ago when the Jennyfield Estate came into being Harrogate Grammar School sent pupils round the houses asking where people had come from and it was overwhelmingly Bradford. Wonder where the residents will be from in the fields all round the Squinting Cat and beyond. Also remember being in our front garden and cars would stop and say where is the Squinting Cat? It was such a lovely country pub in those far off days. It was the first pub to serve carveries at lunch time a brain wave of Mr Young the landlord. Who remembers the little train that used to run round the garden and children could have a ride on it. The train driver being the owner after Mr Young. 

Oh dear cheer up Spring will soon be here and then hopefully a great summer meanwhile what is going to happen next week when new gas pipes are being laid. We have been

 promised road closures are we going to be able to get our cars out if needed? Who knows but we do need NEW pipes as the old ones keep fracturing and Main Street is forever being dug up. Certainly for the last seven years the pavements have been dug up and we all dread the traffic lights. 

It is great I do have a lot of people who read my rubbish and I am grateful. Feel free to make comments but only nice ones please. If I can help in any way, with queries, I will and I have not been stumped for an answer as yet. 

Tuesday 23 January 2024

Pannal research plus

 I have been contacted, by his grandaughter, in regards to an A Boty who attended Pannal Ash College  in 1921 when he was fourteen.As I have all the papers and documents of this College I could give her the answer to all her queries together with a photograph of her grandfather as a young boy and also told her he had a brother who also attended the College.  Pannal Ash College founded in 1870 under the name of Southern College later becoming Pannal Ash College purchased in 1897 by Walter S Hill then in 1946 purchased by West Riding Police Authority as a Police Training School. In 1939 it was requisitioned at 24 hours notice by the Ministry of Works and occupied by the Royal Air Force until 1945. The staff and pupils had been transferred to Newburgh Priory. it was purchased by the Home Office as Police Training College. Sold in 2014 for housing and in 2014 I had the War Memorial Library which was built in 1925 and opened by the Earl of Harewood in1926 listed and good job I did as once when I was passing I saw lorries all round the Memorial Library and went up to see what was happening only to be told they were preparing to demolish it. Suffice it to say I had that stopped. Permission now January 2024 for building work to start. I am sorry to see that happening as with all the housing being built a school is desperately needed. Together of course with a hospital and more doctors surgeries. I do a number of queries re Pannal and Pannal people and I have never been stumped yet.

Another one I have had recently was of Black Wood at the end of Pannal Golf Club going towards the bypass.  Has anyone heard the tale of the mysterious Black Dog. When I was young and lived at Kirkby Overblow I heard tales of it from very old people who lived next door to us at Maltkiln Cottages. Has anyone heard of the Black Dog that is seen then vanishes? Let me know if you have as it has been seen recently and then vanished. 

Nancy Downey email me to say that the powers that be have had a change of heart and the Neighbourhood News will once again be printed in the Harrogate Advertiser. 

Thinking recently of all the people I knew in the early 1960s in Pannal. All sadly gone but Ken Walker that had Walker's Butchers I am pleased to say still with us. Pannal was really a village then and now a number of the inhabitants have all changed  but it is still the Pannal that we love. 

Saturday 13 January 2024

Pannal in Winter

 Happy New Year everyone.

I started typing this in sunshine but now getting dark only 2.45pm, so big light on. Does everyone say put big light on as I have always said it. 

I had a lovely Christmas. All the family here and Fourteen of us and two dogs sleeping here for a week. Only spaces left in the house were the top of the wardrobes. It was great fun though. Did manage to get out when it was dry. Difficult as rain hardly ever stopped. My young grandchildren love the Quarry. My children loved it too. So lucky to have it so near us. New Year I was in Cheltenham and Bristol where it was the same weather has here - rain. Flooding in places in Pannal and flood notice went up at the bottom of Church Lane and Crimple Meadows. Have noticed this morning all the pigeons attacking my cottoneaster for the berries. Does this mean a cold spell? Remember Mr Foggatt the weather man. He said that was a sign. We all remember Dr Graham Foggatt ( a relative and when I asked him if he was relate. He said raising his eyes upwards "for my sins - yes") I remember him when he first started in the practice which was in Dr Jones house in Drury Lane. We all sat round on chairs and went in "to see the Dr" in the order you were queued in the chair and heaven help anyone who tried to jump the queue. I was very friendly with Dr Anna Powell his wife. She was so lovely and took it so badly when Graham died and then Anna very sadly died later quite young. I was very upset. RIP.

I am answering questions about Pannal and surrounding areas. When we were first married we lived at Maltkiln Cottages in Kirkby Overblow so I am getting queries about there which so far I have been able to answer. It is so nice to be able to answer queries. I am Pannal's historian and also historian at Pannal Golf Club. I wrote their Centenary Book and that took me two years to research and write having to read one hundred years of men and then ladies minutes. It was well received and I am told very well used. 

I told you I lost Marble. Well Tigs has been acting very strange. I would not have thought she missed Marble as she never really got on with her and was always trying to pinch her food. It got so bad that I had to shut Tigs in one room and Marble in the other as if  I had left them together to eat their food I would have had one very fat cat and one not. Anyway Tigs follows me around now and I have to be careful I do not fall over her and she forever wants to sit on my knee. Not only if I watch tv of an evening but all day. Now have to have a cup of tea either standing up or sitting at the table. 

Friday 15 December 2023

Happy Christmas Pannal

I was all ready to go to the Carols on the Green when Michael and Helen arrived. It was his birthday and they had spend the weekend in Robin Hood's Bay and decided to call in on me on their way home to the Lakes and brought a birthday cake so that was lovely.
Michael and I had been to Scarborough a couple of weekends before for the day and the sea was very big waves over the prom on north beach so we sat in a lovely cafe and watched people leaping out of the way. One poor man got completely soaked. We had a careful walk along the prom and one lad coming towards us had to do an amazing jump and Michael said that was a big jump and the lad said yes not bad for a fat lad like me I surprised myself. We then went to Peashome Park for a lovely light show.

Up my end of Pannal we have had the gas people out once again, Have had them very regularly for the past seven years for a gas leak and it is always in the same place where the old post box used to be at the top of Main Street on the left hand side. My poor neighbours had their windows open so the gas leak must have got into the house. A very big hole was dug, barriers went up, traffic lights put up. Amazing the speed of some cars racing to get through on green. Much much more than the 20 limit. 
Today I saw the notice that Station Road on the bridge will be closed for a couple of days from the 20th December. Shall have to find out is the notice just on the bridge or is the closure from where the notice is. Interesting wonder what everyone will do that do not live here but use us a a short cut to get to the Leeds Road and onwards. Hope they have all seen the notice and taken note especially as Pannal Primary School does not close for the Christmas holidays until Friday the 22nd. 

Well I have posted all my cards and delivered round the village and got some shopping in. Having baked the Christmas cake and all the baking in the freezer and purchased Santa's presents etc. All done as I had to have a big tooth out as a result of my accident in Palma. At the dentists I thought my head was leaving my shoulders but no it was ok and I survived. Still a bit painful but I will live. 
Tigs bit happier now as we have not had rain for about three days. 

All I need to do now is wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a much better New Year. I love Christmas but I always find the New Year a bit sad. All take care. 

Thursday 16 November 2023

All Pannal

Having tidied up the Patio by St Robert's Church I am now waiting until all the leaves fall as it was a massive job last week clearing what was there.  I am still suffering from a wrist problem after my accident in Palma but I can manage if I take my time but unfortunately no golf as yet. 

Have heard that the Chairman Howard West of Pannal and Burn Bridge Parish Council is leaving the village and going to be near his daughters and grandchildren. I wish him well. 

Shall share this with you as I as very pleased when it was sent to me by the Harrogate Civic Society. It was send to Heritage Open Days It is anonymous but thank you for taking the time to write it:  " I really enjoyed Anne's tour of my village. I have lived here for three years but knew nothing of the history, often wondered about certain buildings etc. Anne is so passionate about the village and the area, she shared funny anecdotes as well as lots of historical facts bringing the history of the village and it's people to life.  Very interesting tour and talk from such a knowledgeable local historian and resident of the village. We learned a huge amount about this village which is close to where we live, but we soon realised we knew so little about it".

Pannal Neighbourhood News which is now missing from the Harrogate Advertiser will be on line and can now be read on a Wednesday.   

Another kindness was when my little cat died on it way to the vet I went into Cold Bath Deli and when I received my coffee I said to the two girls serving  I am cheering myself up because my little cat has just died. The girls came back to my table and gave me a little card which said sending our love from Cold Bath Deli and have a coffee on us and a little drawn heart. That was really kind. 


Wednesday 8 November 2023

Pannal and beyond

 Beyond first. I went to Palma with my second son and his family and we all had a lovely time. Sun, sand and good food. Unfortunately or fortunately it was on our last day on the island we decided to go to Palma and spend some time on the beach as it was nearer the airport as we had holidayed in the north east of the island. A very beautiful area with lovely beaches. Our villa was on its own with a very very large garden and a pool. We also had the company of three very tiny kittens and their Mum and a big bruiser of a cat that we think was the father. All very timid but we fed them and we were all delighted that they came nearer and nearer to us. My two grandchildren were very pleased to have them visit us. Must be said so was I as I like all animals apart from cows. Arriving in Palma we discovered the beach and long promenade was chock a block with young Germans who it must be said were loud and noisy and some of them the worse for ware and it was only 11am. We decided to walk to the end of the prom out of their way when passing a restaurant the door flew open and hit me in the face and knocked me over. My grandchildren were screaming and being extremely brave I was saying I am ok with blood running down my face. I could not go to hospital as we would have missed our plane. We had had a terrible journey out as when we arrived at Leeds Bradford Airport we were told it was closed and flights were going from Manchester. Cutting a very long story short we eventually got a taxi (no transport laid on) and that cost us £300 with next to no hope of that being refunded. We made it having to run the length of the airport and we were last on the plane. What a relief. Back to me with my bloody face. Staff at the restaurant who had been speaking English suddenly found they could not and reverted to Spanish. Yesterday was the first day I have been out as I had a black eye, big cut down my cheek, Fat and bloody lip and big bruise down my chin and neck. Swollen and bruised knee appeared later and my hand painful. so no golf but I am looking more like me so I can go out and not look like Phantom of the Opera. Dentist visit today to repair broken tooth. 

Pannal Neighbourhood News is no longer as it will not be appearing in the Harrogate Advertiser as they have discontinued it.

\i have asked for a Tree Preservation Order on the two sycamore/maple trees in front of the enormous building being put up in the footprint of the Dunlopillo offices. Have had an email today asking if I would send NYC a map of where they are. Words fail me as I gave a very good description of where they are and that was a month ago. 

My lovely neighbour Derek looked after Tigs and he remarked what a big appetite she has. True she is very greedy but a very friendly cat.

Ending on a sad note as Mary my neighbour from a few doors up has sadly died. Poor Mary was recovering from a fall so it was a shock to us all. Our sympathy to David and their sons.