Sunday, 16 January 2022

Goodbye Pannal Oh Hello Pannal

Goodbye Pannal Oh Hello Pannal this is what has been going on with workmen in Main Street. They dig up the pavement leave barriers and holes for a couple of days plus traffic lights come back fill in holes and remove barriers and traffic lights. Then a couple of days later the pantomime starts all over again. The traffic lights they had at the top of Main Street I was waiting there as they were on red they changed to green and I just got past them only to meet four cars heading for me on the one way system. I had to back down the road fortunately no cars behind me. There was a workman standing there with a switch in his hand controlling the lights. I shouted to him what are you doing and he just shrugged. Today is Sunday will they be back tomorrow? Your guess is as good s mine. Laying cables for talk talk they reckon. Well that was last week wonder what it will be next. Your guess is as good as mine. 

I had an email from Peter Scoulding whose parents had the Newsagents shop (now the doctor's surgery) at 37 Station Road in the 1940/50s asking for a copy of my new book Pannal and Burn Bridge Their Stories. He lives near Leeds so came over and we had a chat about old Pannal. He left me a couple of folders he had written about when they were at No 37 where Peter was born. I shall read and return them. I had another email from Peter saying how much he had enjoyed my book and I had described Pannal just as he remembered it. I do get a number of people telephoning me about their relatives who lived or were buried in Pannal. I have only ever been stumped once when I had an inquiry about Great Aunt Bertha who lived in Pannal. I said what was her surname and the person said oh now you've got me. I also had some Americans a husband and wife who said they were related to the Bentley's who used to live at Pannal Hall and they had taken photographs of the Hall to show the folks back home. They had been directed to our house by a gentleman they met in the street as they wanted to know more and he told them I was the person who could tell them. I invited them in gave them coffee and cake. Looked at my records and from what they had told me I said no unfortunately you are not related to those Bentley's but you are related to other Bentley's who lived in the village and I showed them  the other Bentley's family tree to prove it. Without a word they stood up and walked out of the front door. I bet they showed "the folks back home" the photographs they had taken of Pannal Hall and said it was their ancestral home. 

More plans in for the ghastly Dunlopillo building which is going to be demolished and another building erected and still two stories higher and still apartments. Is this a foregone conclusion as I have not had an notification from  the Pannal and Burn Bridge Parish Council saying to object, Have I just missed it and they have asked residents to object? Anyway I have. 

Remember the stray black cat that has been hanging round since covid. Well I still have it. Is it taking me for a mug as it now comes in through the cat flap and sleeps in the utility room. Muggins has provided a bed for it. Don't think Tigs and Marble are that pleased but at least they have not fought as my two seem to have accepted it. They are not friendly but there have been no fights. . 


Friday, 7 January 2022

Pannal and trouble

A very Happy New Year to you all and I hope it will be a good one for you. I had a lovely Christmas with all my family here playing games and eating far to much. Everyone helped so it was brilliant.  The weather was rubbish but fairly warm and we got out when it stopped raining - briefly.  

The day after Boxing Day I thought I would do something in the slow cooker so went to the utility room to get it and when I lifted it up there was water underneath. The central heating was dripping. I had sent everyone over to the rec to play with the toys the grandchildren and the dogs had received from Santa Clause. Then the water started pouring out down the wall flooding the carpet etc. Fortunately they came back and we phoned Safegas who said no you are not under contract to us. I said then why have I been paying you £20,99 per month for years now? Eventually got it all sorted when the staff returned to work the next day (who were we speaking to originally do not know - might have been the tea lady) but we had an afternoon and up  to 10.30 am the next day with no water (Richard had turned it off) and no heating. Thank goodness they were with me as there was no way I could have moved the washing machine, dishwasher and freezer to mop up the water. I went up to the Lakes to spend the New Year with eldest son Michael and his wife Helen and I had a lovely time again playing games and eating far too much also drinking far too much as I was not doing the cooking. Had a couple of lovely walks at Grange-over-Sands and Ulverston. 

Had a visit to Crimple Hall before Christmas and what a splendid food hall. Spent more than I should have but it all looked and tasted so lovely. Restaurant was good too. I hope it is a success. Must admit I am stunned by the success of the coffee place further up as car after car pulls off either going towards Leeds or Harrogate for coffee. 

Have now taken down all the decorations which I was so chuffed to have put up. Big tree and all. The taking down and putting away was worse than the putting up afraid all the cheerful spirit has evaporated,

Tigs and Marble were not at all impressed with the two dogs that were here. Saw them occasionally but if cats can glower they did. I am forgiven now and peace reigns as they are in and on their favourite chairs. One of which is my favourite but I don't have the heart to chuck Tigs off and she knows that. So when I do get sitting in it of a late evening she is on my lap. 


Monday, 20 December 2021

Pannal Christmas Bah! Humbug - Oh no.

 The run up to Christmas is turning into a pain for us in Main Street Pannal.  Unannounced came the men to lay fibre optics for talk talk I had just cleaned my car and they covered it in muck as they dug up the pavement. They put traffic lights three sets on our bit of Main Street. They put up bollards and cones. One day I could not get out at all as there was an enormous lorry parked right by my drive had to go and find a workman to move it and the barriers. Nobody on Main Street could see the lights are they were not facing us so we just had to guess, No accidents so far. Everything left in situ at the weekend so I moved the cones and the barriers as they had filled in the holes they dug but not removed anything. Think a lot of swearing went on and not only from me

For the past three weeks there have been enormous lorries carrying very heavy machinery going up and down Station Road and Main Street. They are completely disregarding the weight limit signs as presumably they are lorries from and to development sites. I would reckon by about March we shall have to have the roads repaired. Dilemma is who pays for the damage NYCC (us) or could it be charged to the developers as they are disregarding signs saying they should not be there. 

Ok rant over. It is great to see the Christmas lights on these dark days. Wasn't it bad in the fog. I witnessed this and I had reports from readers to say at 3.30 pm Yes it was foggy but in the fog there were dark patches. When driving one drove in to what looked like night and then it lightened again. Very strange. It happened to me on Leeds Road and Leadhall Lane and other people too. 

A couple of weeks ago did we think we would be in another covid situation? We were ll so happily looking forward to a normal Christmas but now what? I feel another rant coming on re unvaccinated people who are in hospital and asking for the vaccine only to be told you are too late. I read yesterday that most of the beds in hospital are being taken up by unvaccinated people. WE hopefully will get through all of this and endeavour to make this Christmas brilliant with our families around us. So everyone have a lovely lovely Christmas and pray that the New Year brings also peace and happiness. 

ps still a few copies of my latest book Pannal and Burn Bridge Their Stories in Pannal Post Office. Villagers are telling me they are buying them as Christmas presents. So don't leave it too late. 

Sunday, 12 December 2021

Pannal and Harrogate

 Harrogate looks amazing this year. I went into town yesterday and there were little log cabins in Cambridge Street and around selling all sots of Christmas goodies. I hope they do well. Then we have the big Helter Skelter by the Monument and down in Crescent Gardens a Carousel and Big wheel and the little train that runs passengers up and down between them. The Sun Colonnade in the Valley Gardens all lit up. Do hope our local ships do well too. Hopefully all my family will be here for Christmas and they will certainly want to see the place they were all born looking so festive. 

My book Pannal and Burn Bridge Their Stories selling well in Pannal Post Office and I have had orders through email from Newcastle, Lancashire and Otley. Amazing how they knew about it but very gratifying.It is also at Castlegate Book Shop in Knaresborough and Nanci Downey has helped by mentioning me in her column in the Harrogate Advertiser.

I did a talk to some visitors yesterday and I inadvertently called Boris Doris which brought down the house and they said oh that will be his name from now on for us.

So glad the "pot hole" has been repaired just outside the hairdressers on Station Road as it was a nasty one and I hit it and then had to pay for springs on my car to be repaired. Think that was the last straw and I am so careful going over speed bumps too. I have told you before about one of my little cats both about 16 having cataracts. Well a friends daughter when told said do dogs get cataracts or is it just cats. Clever never thought of that. Also I told an acquaintance about Marble and I said the vet was so good. She tested her for everything and said we can't cure the cataracts but she knows her way around the house and garden so just lt her wander. I said the vet was so brilliant I am thinking for myself of changing from my doctor to the vet and she said "Can you do that?"

Pannal Green looks good again and the two big conifers have lovely lights on them and the other lights on the big trees have been repaired after the storm damage when Pannal Green had a large tree blown down. All those years ago when I was on the committee of the Pannal Village Society I said at one of the meting that it would be lovely to light up Pannal Green with fairy lights as it was a dark area and also it would be good to have a large conifer tree planted to also be decorated. Well thanks to villagers both aims were achieved and the gardeners who planted the conifer planted two in case one did not take but they both have and are both decorated. Carols on the Green to take place on Monday 13th at 6pm and afterwards for refreshments at Pannal School. 

Well I wish you all a very happy and Health Christmas and New Year as we have to unfortunately learn to live with this plague and we will. 

We are made of strong "stuff" and as they say when we have freezing weather with snow Southerners don't go out, Stay in. Keep Warm. Northerns put your big coat on. 

Friday, 3 December 2021

Pannal and email address

 If anyone wants to contact me use my email address

Comments do not seem to be working. I will answer any of your queries. Very happy to.

My latest book Pannal and Burn Bridge Their Stories gives a lot of information re our lovely villages. 

On sale at Pannal Post Office. 

Pannal and Beyond

Saturday we all woke up to snow. I was going down to Bletchley Park with Michael and Susan (oldest son and daughter) and picking Susan up on the way. We set off and only got as far as the Follifoot Road when a tree came down and blocked the road. Fortunately did not fall on us. Had to turn back for a different route. Took the MI and had snow all the way and beyond, We were heading to stay at Milton Keynes. Much maligned place. Where we stayed we were in a park surrounded by green fields and a lovely lake. No snow when we arrived and we got to Bletchley Park in sunshine and it was very pleasant standing outside listening to our guide. We would recommend it as it is so interesting. Lovely house and all the huts had so much information in  them. A statue of Alan Turing at the entrance.A brilliant brilliant man who sadly took his own life. Ten thousand people worked there at one time breaking codes and having signed the Official Secrets Act were sworn to secrecy.I also had to sign this when i worked for the MOD. Pannal and Burn Bridge's connection with Bletchley Park was we had two ladies who lived here and they had worked at Bletchley Park during the Second World War. I wanted to tell their stories and approached them. They incidentally did not know of each others existence and they only lived round the corner from one another. Neither of them wanted any publicity and said they had signed the OSA. I said it is ok you can talk about what you did .You have been allowed to from 1974 but no they would not divulge their secrets.

When Leadhall Lane was closed for road works the traffic increased through Pannal . I and many others hoped that when it reopened we would not have so much traffic but that is a forlorn hope. I remember when Main Street was a tiny street. Then it was widened and cars at times bomb down it well over the speed limit. We in the past have had our front wall knocked down. One time the bus, when we had a bus service, came down Rosedale and knocked the lamp post down onto our drive which hit the wall Fortunately we were on holiday. Another time a car came out of Rosedale too fast and hit our wall and then a cyclist did the same and summer salted into our garden. 

Remember the black cat that I cannot find the owner well I have now been landed with it. I have had to find another bed for it to sleep in. I am a soft touch and I just hope it does not tell its friends I am. Mu own two cats not all that chuffed.

My book Pannal and Burn Bridge Their Stories selling well so if you want a copy for yourself or for Christmas presents do not leave it too late. Selling at Pannal Post Office. 

Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Pannal and Sun Colonnade Valley Gardens

 Yes did get somewhere with the Sun Colonnade in the Valley Gardens. HBC now know it is there and hopefully it will be treated as the important building that it is. Hopefully the Sun Parlours will be restored and the Colonnade be used for a commercial purpose in keeping with the Valley Gardens. I am sure we all have ides of its use plant and garden based. As a founder of the Friends of the Valley Gardens I have a keen interest in both the Sun Pavilion and the Sun Parlours. I remember running through them as a child and I also remember that there was a big ship in a case in one of the Sun Parlours, My Dad was in the Royal Navy so that is probably why I remember it but unfortunately I cannot find anyone who also remembers the model ship in the glass case. Have you seen the fairy light that are now on the Colonnade roof which will be cleaned and tidied up. It looks lovely. 

I am afraid we are stuck with the Dunlopillo building two storeys higher. Wonder if the Pannal Post Office will move into the light industry site behind this edifice. There was talk of that but we shall just have to wait and see. I have had calls from young people who used to live here when they were young. Now married with children and have come back to see where they had lived. Some hardly recognised Pannal. Fields where they had played and fished now all housing (Crimple Meadows) They said thank goodness the quarry and fields (Sandybank Quarry and Crimple Valley) are still there. I took some Harrogate Civic Society members a walk round Pannal and did say to come back in the spring and see all the bluebells and wild garlic flowers in the Quarry. It is a sight to behold.

Must mention if you go to Pannal Post Office to buy a copy of my book Pannal and Burn Bridge Their Stories if it is not on the shelf to the right of the door as you enter they are up by the magazines and papers at the rear of the shop. I am trying to keep them at the front as well but just in case they are not you know where to find them.Only telling you this because someone rang me the other day and said "your book is not at the Post Office"

I still have the black cat coming in for food and sleeping in Marbles bed. Poor Marble has been out all night but now there are three beds in the utility room so peace once more reigns. They have accepted the black cat. It never comes near me so I do not know whether it is feral or just a scared stray.